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All About Jim

The Early Days

I was brought up in Bangor, Co Down, the eldest child of a family of five. I was not a great student and found school years to be a struggle but I ended up educated to a reasonable level. During my twenties I travelled widely and consider those times to have been the most interesting period of my life.


Making A Living

Upon returning to settle down in Northern Ireland I became involved in the building industry and have made a reasonably living, mainly through renovating and fixing older properties.

Jim Brown wearing a hat in the mountains

Mountain Man
The hills have been a lifelong interest and I have been walking, running, racing and climbing in ranges all over the world, with the Mountains of Mourne and the Highlands of Scotland being particular favorites. I am also involved in organizing various races and events in the Mountains for fellow enthusiasts.

Jim and Helen in the mountains

Family Life
Helen consented to marry me over twenty five years ago and we have two children and live in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim where I fiddle around with poetry…. if I get enough peace and quiet to think!

Jim Brown, Nov 23.

The Poems

I have always enjoyed playing around with words and ideas, trying to tell a story within the confines of rhyming verse.

There is no fixed theme but hopefully they will make you think, smile, feel nostalgic, maybe even cry, whatever. Click on the below blog posts to read my poems.

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