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Poems From A
Shoe Box

Poems in rhyming verse by poet, J. W. Brown

The result of delving into a shoebox during COVID and unearthing poems I had written, dating back to the early 90s. If you like them please donate to my chosen charities.

"I want to feel the Atlantic’s blast,
Salt rimming my tingling face."

The Poems

I have always enjoyed playing around with words and ideas, trying to tell a story within the confines of rhyming verse.

There is no fixed theme but hopefully they will make you think, smile, feel nostalgic, maybe even cry, whatever.

About Jim

For me dyslexia has been a lifelong hindrance; a crusher of confidence.


But conversely it has also acted as a challenge to prove to myself that I can write in an interesting way and that readers can derive enjoyment or insight from my efforts.

Poet Jim Brown at a marina

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